White Goldfish

59th Semaine De La Critique Cannes || 2020 || Official Selection


Stella, a 10-year old girl, stumbles on her mother’s intimate relationship with the mysterious Patty. While punishing her mother, she gets confronted with the complexity of adult relationships.


Writer/Director: Jan & Raf Roosens
Producer: Rococo with the support of Driftwood

Maureen - Circé Lethem
Patty - Cato Catteeuw
Stella - Gloria Catteeuw
Tessa - Femke de Beule
Dad - Pieter Piron

Director of photography - Sander Vandenbroucke
Focus puller - Boris Godfroid
Clapper loader - Ellen Gubbels
Gaffer - Pieter-jan Donckels
Sound - Gedeon Depauw
Make-up - Sigrid Volders
Assistant producer - Olivier Hendrikx
Set manager - Rhomi Martens & Hasse Steenssens
Editor - Ward Geerts
Colorist - Kene Illegems

Festivals & Screenings

59th Semaine De La Critique Cannes ||2020||Official Selection


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